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Identifying Yourself for Complete Strangers

When confronted with a situation where you feel attacked or questioned in regards to your race/mix, most of us give the benefit of the doubt. “Oh, they are just curious”, “they didn’t mean it that way”, “they were actually giving a compliment”. But do we do this too much? Were we trained that way by our parents and if so, are we now training our kids to do the same?

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Don’t Fit in Meekly. Stand Out, Boldly.

Much of the time biracial/multiracial/mixed people spend on earth is dedicated to fitting in. Fitting in with both sides of our families, fitting in with our friends, fitting in at school, fitting in at work. 

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Hitting the Quota

When I was first starting out in my career in publishing, I got laid off from my first “real job” out of college. It was at a tiny publisher and I should have seen it coming, honestly. I was out of work for 4 months. 

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