Why I Wrote Patchwork

If we were related when I was younger, chances are you'd get a story or poem written by yours truly as a gift. 

I frequently crafted stories or poems for people like my mother, grandmother and great grandmother. All of whom, have since passed and upon which time, I was given back the writing I had given them- they kept it for years and years. 

All my life I've wanted to be a writer. I wrote non-stop but I did it more so for me and those around me. Not for any accolades or money. I come from a line of writers- an inherited gene, I guess. My Mother was a writer- it was her profession at many of the places she worked- copywriter, copyeditor, proofreader, publicist. Her Father had also been a writer. Not by trade but for the love of it. 

I took a creative writing course in college (as an English major it was necessary) and my Professor encouraged me. Said I had real talent and to keep at it. That meant the world to me- to be told I had talent and a unique voice was much more than I had hoped for. 

My first book is written for all the kids out there who never saw themselves reflected in the stories they read. It's for my daughter, my younger self and for that part of me that never stopped writing. 

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