The Importance of Seeing Yourself Reflected in Stories and Art

Growing up, I rarely saw anyone that looked like me reflected in the media. I never really saw "mixed" people- people who were 2 different races. People that looked unique, that had unique features. Kids with parents that didn't math. Parents that didn't look like their kids. A patchwork family. 

Be it in literature, painting, television, etc., it's necessary and important to see yourself reflected back. It is vital to know you aren't alone in the world. That you are seen. That you are special. 

One thing I know for sure when it came to my book was that the main character would be a girl and she would be mixed/brown. Brown is beautiful, ethereal, magical. And those are all things my book and it's setting are. So, I wanted to make sure all kids- especially those that usually have to seek out stories with kids like them in it could open the book up and verbalize "Wow! She looks like me!". 

We are all special. 

We are all unique. 

We are not alone. 

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