Why I Chose to Self-Publish

One reason- power. 

In addition to running Mosaic, I also have a career in publishing that I've been dedicated to since college. I know what a good publisher can do for an author, but I also know the downside. I know your book can get shelved, what can happen when you sell the rights, when adjustments and edits go from suggestions to mandates. 

I had a specific vision for my book- for the story, for my readers. I wanted to ensure that remained true and that I'd always have the power to make necessary adjustments. 

Power is the reason I decided to publish my work on my own- pure and simple. The power to make decisions that were right for me as the author and as the business owner. 

The power to allow my creative vision to take me where it wanted to go. The power to ensure my story came to life the way I wanted it to. The power to bring this story- and hopefully many more- to readers around the world.  

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