Setting Up Our Future Generations

It's a well-known fact that I was inspired by my daughter to start Mosaic the Label. But what might not be so well-known is that my biggest reason to keep going is her as well. 

I am inspired by my daughter to keep my business going and growing for a few reasons.

  1. I want her to see her mom working. In addition to running Mosaic the Label, I also work a full-time career, so my daughter sees me working... a lot. I want her to know that everything I have and everything she has comes from hard work. I want her to learn by example- witnessing her mom do what she loves every day and be successful at it teaches her that she can have what she wants- it just might not come easy. 
  2. I want her to see that she doesn't have to choose a set path. She can do anything and everything she wants in this life and does not have to subscribe to a defined way of doing things. 
  3. I want her to know she's free to try new things. Yes, it will be scary and yes things don't always pan out. But she should have enough confidence in herself to at least try. 
  4. I want her to know that she doesn't need to be an expert to at least try. I don't have an MBA, have never run a business before and yet, here I am. You don't need to know all the answers- only where to find them. 
  5. I want her to have something to inherit. More than insurance money or whatever is in my bank account at the time of my death- I want my daughter to inherit something I built, and she can continue to build upon and make her own. 

I know a lot of children of immigrants, first-generation kids, mixed-kids, BIPOC don't ever dream of starting their own business. Not because they don't think they can but because growing up it was just never really an option. It wasn't forbidden- worse, it was just never on the table to begin with. 

But I am here to tell you that it is on the table. If you want to, you should! Getting started is the hardest part. When launching Mosaic the Label I relied on businesses that were easy to use, had fast shipping times and low production quantities.

Sticker Mule has been my sticker manufacturer for a while now and not only are they all of the above, their quality of product is amazing, their customer service and outreach is unmatched and they always have awesome deals which allows me to try out new products with no risk!

Start your business now with Sticker Mule by creating your own custom stickers. See where it takes you!

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