Living in the In-Between

When you’re mixed race, it’s easy to feel as though you have no real home. You aren’t enough of anything to really, truly fit in anywhere; so, you inhabit the in-between.

The in-between is where you live, where you excel. You can easily change your style of dress, your manner of speech and your cultural references to fit in where needed. You can make one side of your heritage feel comfortable without disavowing your other side(s). You feel as though you’re able to transition between your worlds. You can adjust and adapt as needed.

But this comes at a cost. Are you really being true to yourself or are you simply playing a part? Are you playing down certain aspects of your personality while playing up others? Are you trying to ensure those around you are comfortable by suppressing your whole self? Are you being all of yourself all the time or some of yourself most of the time?

Can we really live in the in-between full-time or is it a space we can just dip in and out of? Is it a place we even want to live? Is it a place that we can define?

Is there a space where we can be all of ourselves all of the time?

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