The Importance of Loving v. Virginia

Even before I knew about the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case, I’d often imagine what life would be like if segregation laws were still in effect. 

My mom is white (Irish and Scandinavian) and my father was black (Trinidadian- black and Indian) which essentially means I wouldn’t be alive today. If these laws were still in effect, my Father might not have ever immigrated to America and my mother for sure would have never met him at work. They wouldn't exist as a couple and my siblings and I would have never been created. My life would never be. All because of some stupid law based on some made-up construct made to tear the human race apart. 

Some might think this is a dramatic thought- but segregation was still alive and well into the 60’s- which was a mere 60 years ago. It is not so hard to believe that if it were not for people like the Lovings, these laws could still be in effect today. This would mean a biracial person would not be considered a real person and they would, in effect, be illegal. 

We need to reflect and appreciate the work the Lovings did not accepting the “law” and fighting for their love, their children and their family. Without them, most of us would not exist. 

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