Don’t Fit in Meekly. Stand Out, Boldly.

Much of the time biracial/multiracial/mixed people spend on earth is dedicated to fitting in. Fitting in with both sides of our families, fitting in with our friends, fitting in at school, fitting in at work. 

We try so hard to fit in because we feel as though we don’t fit in anywhere. We are either too much of something or too little. Our skin might be too dark; it might be too light. Our hair might be too curly or not curly enough. Our eyes might be too small or not small enough. We constantly struggle with being too much or being too little. We are never enough. Or so we think. 

But why strive for something easy like fitting in? Why should we want to be like all those around us? What is special about that? Rather than trying to fit in meekly and quietly and hope that we are accepted by those around us, why don’t we try to stand out and make a point of standing out? Why don't we embrace standing out like a sore thumb? Why not set ourselves apart from the crowd? We are special and unique and it's time we not only accept that but embrace it and celebrate it. 

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